Your Admin  Needs Support & Continued Learning!

(and it doesn't have to be all on you)

Is your Admin the peacekeeper in the business?  Constantly putting out client fires, staff fires, all the while trying to please you, the Owner?

But who is THEIR support?  Who supports them mentally and is also readily available to help with their admin problems?

That's where the Club House comes into play.

The Admin Clubhouse is a membership group built specifically for Admins.

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Your Admin doesn't have to go it ALONE 

Imagine a community and a learning environment built specifically for the Admin community.  But, the cool thing is, they probably have different strengths and weaknesses.  So the Admins end up helping each other within the community.

Don't you wish someone had YOUR back? That's us!  Not only are your peers in this group, but there's a team of experts who are there to support YOU.  Past Bootcamp attendees called us "the brains".  

Not sure about that, but we are here to support you in the areas of marketing, finance, systems and people/culture.

What's Included?

(besides moral support)


We will adding to this backpack monthly.

Each month an expert will assign homework with all necessary plug and play documents.


Network with your fellow campers in SLACK!  Each member will have full access.

This is also where each expert will check in on the group regarding completion of their  monthly action item.

 Hot Seats

Get your issues solved on our live monthly discussion sessions.

This is a golden opportunity to get help solving YOUR burning problem.

If nobody volunteers, we will choose a topic discussed in Slack.

Live Webinars

Each month, one of our experts will be host a webinar around their area of expertise.

You will be given action items to complete in order to earn that month's merit badge.

Ready to get started?

For $149/mo, get your Admin the support and tools they need.


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